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Our system has been in operation for 27 years in 2020, which consists of several linked repeater stations that provides coverage throughout the entire San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys.  Approximately 13,000 square miles of mobile/portable P25 digital and analog coverage are provided between the linked repeaters.  On the analog side, we are linked to the Southern California Amateur Network or SCRN.  The system is open to licensed amateur radio operators.  

          *** We use standard Northern California repeater offsets ***

                                           70 cm systems(+ 5 MHz)

                                            2 m systems (+ 600 KHz)

We are using Motorola Quantar repeaters configured in mixed mode, meaning both analog and digital P25 are operational on the same frequency same hardware. One Quantar does both. The digital P25 mode takes priority over analog mode, however we ask that you monitor before initiating a transmission to ensure there are no QSOs taking place that you may accidentally step on. It is possible to carry on Digital QSO on my Northern system the same time there is analog SCRN activity. SCRN audio will be muted during Digital conversations. All of our sites have back-up battery or generator power.  

Our sites are as follows…

Please download our PNG diagram above at our downloads page so that you can take this with you as you travel througout Northern and Central California.  

bullion-pan12 10

Mt Bullion looking east toward Yosemite National Park after the 2014 fire that burned through Mt Bullion.

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