MT OSO          440.800 +      PL 107.2      NAC 29B

COVERAGEmt oso22

  Also called Modesto/Stockton (at Mt.Oso)     Linked Site,       ID'ed as site #2.


Since 2020 and through 2022, I Extended wildland fire fuels reduction perimeter that benifits all radio systems at this location.

Just in time for the 340,000 acre Canyon Fire Complex that came within a mile of the site.

Fall 2018:

Replaced link heliax after a sweep by my Bird site analyzer showed high VSWR.

UPDATE April 2023: Replaced SCM Card (station control module). Firmware was corrupted by hundreds of power fails over the march 2023 storms. Complete realignment completed. Some audio paths are not optimized yet.

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